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Brow Lamination Certification Exam

Once you have made your initial purchase of a Henna Bee brow lamination kit you are eligible to become brow lamination certified!

When you receive your starter kit you will receive an access code required to take your brow lamination certification exam. Once you complete the exam you will be added to our brow lamination artist finder and you will receive a hard copy of your certificate in the mail. Certificates are mailed out at the end of each month.

To take your exam, please hit the button below and enter your access code. If you do not have your access code please reach out to with your order number and we will happily look it up for you!

Brow Lamination Training Videos


Our official no-glue brow lamination training video. Watch as Adelle walks you through a complete brow lamination service in just 15 minutes! Using this new process you do not need a Vaseline barrier or lifting glue to complete the service


This step-by-step tutorial combines the 15-minute no-glue brow lamination service with a Henna Bee eyebrow tint! Working with the same client as the video above this video shows a complete brow transformation using the Bee Pampered brow lamination and Henna Bee eyebrow tint.


In this training video watch as Adelle performs a brow lamination WITH glue. We now prefer and recommend the no-glue service as it creates a better overall service for clients but if you prefer offering a brow lamination with glue, here are the steps to take.

Brow Lamination Troubleshooting

Brow lamination is a fairly straightforward service but with any service, it may not go exactly as planned. See below for our troubleshooting tips for a brow lamination service.

A probable cause is not leaving Lotion #1 on for long enough. On their next appointment leave lotion #1 on for a minute longer.

During the process, the hair was styled in too straight up a position and is now set in place. Next time be sure to follow the natural curve of the eyebrow for a more natural look.

Unfortunately, the hair has been overprocessed. Either lotion #1 was left on too long, or their brow hairs were not strong enough for the service. If the hair is frizzy tell them to apply lotion #3, the nourishing lotion, 3x a day to repair the hair. If the hair has fallen out encourage them to use a growth serum to get their brows growing back in!

Clients with sensitive skin might go a bit red. Advise them to keep the area clean and the redness should go down within 30-60 minutes. If there are hives or swelling advise them to go to the doctor. Keep in mind for clients with sensitive skin we recommend a patch test before the service.

Our glue is designed to last for 3 months from the day it was opened. If your glue is older than 3 months than it needs to be replaced. If it is less than 3 months old please contact us at!

Brow Lamination FAQ
Is brow lamination for everyone? -

Honestly, no. Brow lamination is not the best service for anyone. For people who have thin, weak eyebrows or simply don’t have a lot of eyebrows brow lamination is not a great option for them. As it is a chemical treatment people who have thin, weak eyebrows may experience damage to their brows.

Who is brow lamination good for? -

People who have a LOT of eyebrow hair! Clients who are looking to control or tame eyebrow hair that doesn’t stay in place! This is the perfect service for them!

Can I perform a brow lamination AND henna eyebrow tint at the same time? -

YES! With the Bee Pampered line of products, you can safely perform a brow lamination AND Henna Brow tint during the same service! Not every henna brow allows this but rest assured our products have been rigorously tested and work safely together! Just be sure to remember a few key details:

  1. Always perform brow lamination first, and henna eyebrow tint second.
  2. Processing time for the henna will be MUCH faster. Leave the henna on for only around 5 minutes for the full tint.
  3. When doing both services together the henna will not stain the skin beneath the brows.

By completing both services together you can charge a client up to $95 and both services should take no more than 45 minutes to complete.

How long should a brow lamination service take? -

We recommend booking 30 minutes for a brow lamination and 45 minutes for a brow lamination and henna eyebrow tint.

How long does brow lamination last on clients? -

With our lifting lotions, a brow lamination should last 6-8 weeks.

How much time between appointments do clients need? -

We recommend 8 weeks between brow lamination services to ensure the brows do not become damaged. Some clients may want it done sooner but we highly recommend not offering it to them as the more often you perform the service the more it will break down and damage the hairs.

How does brow lamination work? -

A brow lamination is a 3-step process that first breaks down the protein (keratin) in the eyebrow hair, and then rebuilds them into a desired shape.

Lotion #1 – Breaks down the protein (keratin) in the brows which change the structure and texture of the brows. This allows you to comb the brows into the desired direction and shape.

Lotion #2 – The setting lotion builds the proteins back up and sets the brows into the desired shape.

Lotion #3 – with Bee Pampered we have a third lotion, our nourishing lotion, which gives the hair a boost of healthy hydration which is important to nourish the hair and keep it healthy.

How much should I charge for brow lamination? -

We recommend a minimum charge of $65 for brow lamination which should take you no more than 30 minutes! If you’re doing a brow lamination and henna eyebrow tint together we recommend charging $95 for a service which should take 30-45 minutes!

Can clients undergoing chemotherapy get brow lamination? -

Unfortunately, we do not recommend brow lamination for clients undergoing chemotherapy.

Is it safe for pregnancy? -

Yes, it is safe but due to hormones the brow lamination may not last as long.

Should I trim the eyebrow hairs after lamination? -

This really comes down to your judgment! If there are a few unruly hairs then yes, but don’t go too crazy because when the lamination fades if there is too much trimming the brows will have gaps or holes in the hair.

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    Please note: Bee Pampered certificates and training only represent basic knowledge and skills relating to henna brow eyebrow tinting, lash lifting, lash tinting and brow lamination. Bee Pampered and its agents are not responsible for any acts or omissions of persons taking the course or any liability relating to the use of instructions and materials.

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