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Henna Bee Blonde Bundle

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The Henna Bee eyebrow tint blonde bundle has been specially curated to include the perfect colors for clients with blonde hair and lighter complexions as well as all tools required for the service.

Each blonde bundle includes:

  • 3 Henna Bee colors which can be used independently or mixed together to the perfect color match for your clients:
    • #1 – Light/Warm
    • #2 – Light/Cool
    • #4 – Medium/Cool
  • Bee Pampered Gentle Foam Cleanser
  • Dappen Dish
  • Application Brush
  • Water Dropper
  • Henna Bee manual


Henna brows are the latest trend in the beauty industry and Henna Bee is one of the leading brow henna products due to its natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, ease of use, and profit potential.

We have created the blonde bundle with a selection of Henna Bee colors perfectly curated for clients with blonde hair and lighter complexions. The blonde bundle also includes the basic tools you need to get begin offering a henna brow service at your spa including access to our online training videos and the ability to become Henna Bee certified. Included in the blonde bundle is:

  • 3 Henna Bee colors which can be used independently or mixed together to the perfect color match for your clients:
    • #1 - Light/Warm
      • Great for redheads, people with very fair complexions.
    • #2 - Light/Cool
      • Our ultimate mixer shade. We recommend using #2 to lighten the other Henna Bee colors to create the perfect shade for any complexion.
    • #4 - Medium/Cool
      • One of our most popular shades it’s perfect for brunettes with a lighter skin tone and blondes looking for a darker shade.
  • Bee Pampered Gentle Foam Cleanser
  • Dappen Dish
  • Application Brush
  • Water Dropper
  • Henna Bee manual
  • See below for our training videos
  • You can also check out our Henna Bee troubleshooting guide here.

If you are a small spa with clientele with the same complexion the blonde bundle is a great way to get started offering a brow henna service. However, if you have clients with a variety of backgrounds we suggest looking at our Henna Bee starter kitwhich includes all 6 Henna Bee colors, all tools, our beautiful display shelf, Bee Pampered brow styling balm, and eyebrow guides.

If you are a larger spa with a team of people who will all be offering a brow henna service with Henna Bee then we suggest taking a look at our Deluxe Henna Bee starter kit which includes everything in the classic kit PLUS a dedicated online training session with your team with a certified Bee Pampered trainer and unlimited Henna Bee certifications.


Made with 75% plant-based ingredients Henna Bee eyebrow tint is a vegan-friendly, natural alternative to traditional tints. Henna Bee contains no lead or ammonia and requires no chemicals or oxidants to activate only warm water. Unlike traditional chemical-based eyebrow tints that dry out and damage eyebrows Henna Bee coats the hair locking in moisture keeping the hair healthy and hydrated.


When compared to traditional eyebrow tints which typically last only 4-6 weeks Henna Bee’s unique formula coats the hair ensuring the tint lasts longer, 6-8 weeks. Henna Bee also stains the skin beneath the eyebrows for up to 2 weeks giving clients a fuller appearance similar to microblading without committing to the procedure. Wondering how the henna brows service and microblading compare? Take a read through our article breaking down the differences between henna brows and microblading.


Henna Bee is designed to be safe and easy for spa professionals to use. Adelle the creator of Henna Bee has been a spa professional for 20 years specializing in brows and lashes. She created the product with spa professionals in mind ensuring only warm water is required to activate, no oxidants or chemicals and making sure the product is simple to remove with only a cotton pad and warm water.

Plus, the entire Henna Bee service can be completed in less than 30 minutes!


In addition, to being easy to use Henna Bee is designed to help spa professionals maximize profits with the service. Each bottle of Henna Bee provides 20-30 treatments. By offering a 30-minute Henna Bee service at a minimum $35 charge, each 3.5 g bottle of Henna Bee can generate up to $1,000. With your initial purchase of the Henna Bee blonde bundle, you receive 3 colors which could help you generate up to $3,000*!

To generate even more revenue we suggest adding a hair removal service immediately following the Henna Bee service which will provide your clients with a complete eyebrow transformation.


If you have clients who want to get killer brows but are hesitant about committing to a service like microblading encourage them to try Henna Bee first. They can get amazing eyebrows through this non-invasive, non-permanent service. Through our experience as spa professionals, we find many clients start transforming their brows with henna brows and often love the look so much they transition into our microblading clients.


See how easy it is to perform a Henna Bee service with our online training videos led by our founder, Adelle Young. These step by step videos walk you through an entire brow henna application using our proprietary Henna Bee eyebrow tint formula.


In this training video watch as our founder, Adelle Young, completes a brow henna service using Bee Pampered’s Henna Bee eyebrow tint. The video includes step by step instructions plus tips and tricks for a complete service.


In this training video, Adelle shows you how to get the perfect consistency for applying the Henna Bee brow henna eyebrow tint. Activating and getting the right consistency for Henna Bee brow henna eyebrow tint is simple, all you need is your Henna Bee, very warm tap water and a water dropper!



Lawsonia Inermis (henna, Indigofera Tinctoria (true indigo), Cassia Obovata (Senna Italica), Citric Acid, P-Aminophenol, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Emblica Officinalis Fruit Powder, Acacia Concinna Fruit Powder, Magnesium Carbonate, Hydrolyzed Guar, Sodium Sulfite, (#6 Dark /Cool also contains less than 1% para-phenylenediamine)

Health Canada Number: #03318547

    Henna Bee Blonde Bundle