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At Home Henna Brow Kit

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Color – Apricot

Everything you need to achieve salon-quality brows from the comfort of your own home:

  • One Henna Colour of your choice (25 applications) - Valued at $49CAD
  • Henna Measuring Spoon - $3CAD
  • Water Dropper - $3CAD
  • Dappen Dish - $3CAD
  • Exfoliating Brush - $10CAD
  • Applicator Brush - $10CAD
  • One Matching brow pencil - $18CAD
  • Reusable Cleanser Bottle + 1 Refillable tablet - $18CAD
  • Free Training

Henna eyebrow tinting is like giving your brows a mini makeover! 

  • Weeks of Wow: Get brows that rock for 1-3 weeks, so no daily makeup hustle!
  • Nature's Palette: Bee Pampred Henna comes in 6 cool and warm shades that match your style.
  • Bold & Beautiful: Not just the hair, henna dyes your skin, too, making brows look fuller and fabulous.
  • Hair Love: Henna has conditioning properties that make your brows feel soft and strong
  • Chill Beauty: Wake up with on-fleek brows every day. No touch-ups are needed.
  • Wallet Cheers: Spend once, slay longer – a glam investment of 25 services out of each bottle - $2.60 a service!
  • Cruelty-Free Charm: Henna's kind to animals and planet-friendly.

Remember, everyone's unique, so testing and pro help for henna happiness helps - Check out our free guide on how to pick your best henna colour!

At Home Henna Brow Kit - Shop Bee Pampered