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henna brows
Henna Brow Tinting $45
Henna helps to make eyebrows more expressive, disguising gaps in plucked or receding eyebrows, and the spa-care makes it possible to achieve a maximum result from tinting; it makes the effect of the treatment last longer as well strengthens and protects the hairs and skin. The effects can last about a week on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair!
Henna Brow Tint + Wax $65
Our signature Henna Brow service + a brow wax
eye brow lamination
Brow Lamination $45
Double the size of your eyebrows! Using a keratin treatment we reconstruct the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape! Takes 15 min and will last 6-8 weeksThe effects can last about a week on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair!
Lash Lift & Tint $85
No need for extensions when we can make your natural eyelashes stand out! This service includes a lift and tint to make your eyes pop.
Lash Tint $30
Just a tint to make your eye pop.
Eye Brow Wax + Style $35
Eyebrow Wax + Style (Perfect before a Night out on the town! Shape those brows up with a quick little makeup application/lesson!) -
Eye Brow $20
Lip $12
Chin $12
Sideburn $15
Full Face $45
Chest $40
Full Back $40
Full Leg $60
Half Leg $30
Full Arm $45
Half Arm $25
UnderArm $25
Stomach $45
Bikini $30
Brazilian $45
Teeth Whitening
No messy trays and sensitivity is kept to a minimum. We use a whitening pen and LED light which means the treatment never touches your gums, which is why many people feel sensitivity when receiving teeth whitening using the conventional method. Results are instant and last up to a year.
45 min session $150
2 or more people $125 pp
5 or more people $100 pp
Tooth Gems
Using dentist-approved products, your gems can last anywhere from 1 - 6 months. * We guarantee up to 4 weeks
Crystal $75
18K Gold $150
Additional gems $50
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