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How To Choose The Best Brow Color For Your Clients

Picking the perfect brow shade can be tricky. With so many shades and products on the market, we want to make it easy for you to provide your clients with their perfect brow shade. 

Are your clients looking for bolder brows without a permanent commitment? Or do they just want to test the waters with a lighter or darker shade? Our Henna Bee eyebrow tints are some of the best of the best on the market. With 6 different shades, you can use just one or mix match to find the perfect combo. So, how do you find the perfect match for your client based on their skin tone, hair color and features?

Don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through every step so your clients feel happy and confident. 

Our Henna Bee shades include:

1 – Light Warm

2 – Light Cool

3 – Medium Warm

4 – Medium Cool

5 – Dark Warm

6 – Dark Cool

Our first shade, light warm, is great for those with a fair complexion. Usually red heads and those with fair/warm undertones in their skin.

Light cool is a shade that’s perfect to mix with other shades. Mixing this shade with another color is great because it helps lighten up some of the other shades.

Medium warm is the ideal color that’s perfect for redheads but more depth to their skin tone.

Medium cool is your go to shade if your client is a brunette with a lighter skin tone or best for blondes that want that bold brow.

Dark warm is for brunettes who want a warmer undertone. 

And lastly, dark cool is perfect for those with black hair and a deeper complexion.

Sooo, what about mixing shades?

Test, test, test! Test on yourself, test on a friend, test on your skin. Mix and match and play around with the right tones to find the perfect combination. The more you play around with the shades, the more comfortable you’ll get. Mix lighter shades with darker to get a more neutral look and lighter shades with more medium shades to get a different undertone.

Additional Best Practices

A good rule of thumb is to try to stay within 2 shades of your hair color. With dark hair, your brow shade should be shade lighter than your hair color and vice versa. 

Start small and then build your look from there. Remember, you can always apply more but you can’t take away! 

Remember, it doesn’t always need to be an exact match, it can be complementary.

Keep these tips in mind when using our products and we promise you, your clients will leave with the best, most natural henna eyebrow tint.

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