Create your own reality

Ready to become a Certified Trainer? 
Take the Bee Pampered Educator Program and learn to become a Certified Trainer.

Create your own reality

Ready to become a Certified Trainer? 
Take the Bee Pampered Educator Program and learn to become a Certified Trainer.

Enhance your beauty career 


BeE Your Own Boss

Our training program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the beauty industry, including product knowledge, application techniques, and customer service.

As a Certified Trainer, you can work with diverse clients, from aspiring makeup artists to established professionals. Whether you're just starting out or looking to advance your career, our training program can provide you with the education and experience needed to make a difference in the beauty industry.

Master The Latest Techniques

We will provide you with all the training and resources for you to become a Bee Pampered expert

own your schedule

Hold your own classes that work with your schedule


Set your prices and have control of your profit opportunities

Fulfilling Experience

Share your beauty expertise with others or make additional income

Certified Trainer

Course Includes

  • Comprehensive online course with 25 lessons

  • Access to resources and all training manuals  

  • Ultimate Kit valued at $699 included with the course, providing all necessary supplies for performing Signature Bee services

  • Opportunities to develop your own certification and open your own training program using Bee Pampered methods and products

  • Ability to apply your training to your clients and in your training sessions immediately after the course.

Enjoy Exclusive Perks

Early access to new product releases

40% discount on all Product Packages

25% discount on additional Bee Pampered Products

Early access to new product releases

VIP access to special events and experiences


Price includes the Ultimate Kit (valued at $699) and the Bee Pampered Certified Trainer Course $199  

What You'll Learn

Upon completion of the Bee Pampered Ultimate Educator Course, learners will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the Bee Pampered methodologies and techniques and will be eligible for review to become certified Bee Pampered trainer.

  • Learn the latest techniques in Henna Bee, Lash Lift, and Brow Lamination with our comprehensive training manuals

  • Get hands-on experience with visual demonstrations and training videos

  • Test and apply your knowledge with interactive quizzes and written exams

  • Showcase your skills with practical assignments and the opportunity to become certified

  • Access additional resources and presentations to enhance your learning experience

  • All of this is available online, accessible anytime, anywhere!


With our program, you'll receive a 40% discount on training kits, allowing you to sell them at a profit. Additionally, you'll earn income from course fees and can increase your earnings by training more students. 

Ultimate Course

Train 5 students: $2,400.00

Train 10 students: $4,800.00

Train 15 students: $7,200.00

Lash Lift & Tint

Train 5 students: $1,508.00

Train 10 students: $3,016.00

Train 15 students: $4,524.00

Brow Lamination

Train 5 students: $1,348.00

Train 10 students: $2,696.00

Train 15 students: $4,044.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take to complete?
The Bee Pampered Certified Trainer Course is a self-paced course that allows you to set and complete based on your timeline.
Who will I be training?
In addition to the opportunities you market out on your own, the Bee Pampered Corporate team will send out posts for corporate training opportunities in your area whenever you have a free moment.
How do I get paid?
You can set up your payment plans, options and systems that work best for you to ensure you are fully paid before every training session.
Do I need to have my own business/business number? 
Yes! We recommend that you set up your own business so that you can provide invoices as well as certification options to your clients.
Where do I train?
As this is an independent business, you must set up your training facility. This could be a pre-existing salon or studio, or even a boardroom that can be fully equiped for the day to offer more extensive group sessions.
What kind of support will I receive?
The Bee Pampered training team is always here to help. With operations, training and marketing specialists, you can set up calls or exchange emails with our leaders whenever you need support. Once you have completed the course, you will gain access to a folder of unique marketing tools that allow you to customize and market your program in person and on social media. Our operations team is here to support you with any questions regarding your business practises, helping you set up profit and loss statements and recommendations on business strategy and growth! We're successful when you are, so we want to ensure that you are just as passionate about the process as the education and products.

Ready to get started? 

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