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How To Determine Your Eye Shape

Do you struggle with creating eye makeup looks that flatter your unique features? Understanding your eye shape is the key to achieving a makeup look that enhances your natural beauty.

From almond-shaped eyes to monolids, each shape requires a different approach to makeup application. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of determining your eye shape and offer makeup tips and product recommendations to help you create stunning eye looks.

To begin, it’s important to understand the different types of eye shapes and their characteristics.

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the most classic and versatile shape, with a slightly pointed outer corner and a wider center.

Hooded eyes have a heavy, drooping lid that hides the crease and can make the eye appear smaller.

Monolids have little to no visible crease and a flatter eyelid.

Round eyes are large and round, with a visible crease and a curved outer corner.

Upturned eyes have an upward tilt at the outer corner and a visible crease.

Lastly, downturned eyes have a slight droop at the outer corner, giving a sad or tired appearance.

By identifying your eye shape, you can tailor your makeup routine to enhance your eyes’ natural beauty and create the illusion of a more balanced and symmetrical face.


Get ready to discover the unique features of your eyes and learn how to enhance them with makeup tips tailored to your individual look.

Determining your eye shape is important because it can help you create flattering makeup looks that accentuate your features. One common mistake people make is assuming they have a certain eye shape based on what they think is popular or fashionable. However, everyone’s eyes are unique and should be treated as such.

Understanding your eye shape can also help you choose the right eyelash extensions. For example, those with almond-shaped eyes may want to opt for longer lashes in the outer corners to enhance their natural shape, while those with hooded eyes may want shorter lashes to avoid any unnecessary weight on the lid.

Natural makeup looks can also be tailored to your eye shape, with techniques such as elongating the eye with eyeshadow for monolids or creating a halo effect for round eyes. By taking the time to determine your eye shape, you can enhance your natural beauty and feel confident in your makeup choices.

Types and Characteristics

So, you’re curious about the different types of eye shapes and their unique characteristics? Let’s dive in and explore the world of monolids, round eyes, almond eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes, and hooded eyes!

Monolids are characterized by a flat eyelid without a visible crease. Round eyes are circular in shape with a visible crease and a white space visible above and below the iris. Almond eyes have an elongated shape with a visible crease, the iris partially covered by the upper and lower lids, and a tapered outer corner. Downturned eyes have a slight downward tilt at the outer corner and a visible crease. Hooded eyes have a heavy fold of skin that droops over the crease, making the eyelid area appear smaller.

Eye shape makeup is a popular trend in the beauty industry, with celebrities often showcasing their unique eye shapes on the red carpet. Makeup artists use various techniques to correct or create an illusion of a different eye shape. For example, elongating the outer corners of round eyes with winged eyeliner or using light eyeshadow shades on the inner corner and darker shades on the outer corner to make hooded eyes appear larger.

Understanding your eye shape can help you choose the right makeup products and techniques to enhance your natural features and create a look that suits you.

Determining Factors

You can figure out which makeup techniques and products would best suit your unique features by assessing the visibility of your eyelids and creases, drawing a line across your eyes, and observing the positions of your corners and iris.

To assess eyelid visibility, look in the mirror and see if your eyelids are visible when your eyes are open. If they are, you likely have a monolid or hooded eye shape. If your crease is visible, you may have an almond or round eye shape.

Drawing a line across your eyes can help you determine if they’re downturned or upturned. Finally, observing the positions of your corners and iris can help you determine if your eyes are almond or round.

It’s important to note that there are common misconceptions when it comes to determining eye shape. For example, some people believe that if you have a crease, you automatically have an almond eye shape. However, this is not always the case.

Additionally, makeup mistakes can be made if you don’t take your eye shape into consideration. For example, applying a winged eyeliner to downturned eyes can make them appear even more droopy.

To avoid these mistakes, it’s important to use the right tools, such as eye makeup brushes, and to experiment with different techniques and products until you find what works best for you.

Makeup Tips

Now let’s enhance your unique features with makeup tips that complement your eyes. The right color choices, product recommendations, and application techniques can do wonders in enhancing your natural features.

For monolid eyes, elongated eyeshadow and oversized mascara can make your eyes appear larger and more defined. Round eyes can benefit from a halo eye with neutral colors and a pocket palette. For almond-shaped eyes, classic smokey eyes are versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Downturned eyes can benefit from lifting mascara to give them a wide-open appearance, while upturned eyes can rock a winged eyeliner with a waterproof felt liner. Hooded eyes can use waterproof mascara to prevent smudging.

When it comes to makeup, common mistakes can be easily avoided by following a few simple tips. For starters, always make sure to blend your eyeshadow properly to avoid harsh lines. Use a light hand when applying mascara to prevent clumping and smudging. It’s also important to choose the right shades that complement your skin tone and eye color.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and experiment with different makeup looks. 


Congratulations! You now have a better understanding of how to determine your eye shape and create makeup looks that enhance your natural features. By identifying the unique characteristics of your eyes, you can tailor your makeup routine to suit your specific needs.

Remember, when it comes to makeup, there are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for you. And don’t forget to incorporate other beauty tips, such as finding the right foundation shade and using hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine, to further enhance your natural beauty.

With these expert tips and a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create stunning eye looks that make you feel confident and beautiful. So go ahead and give it a try – you never know what new makeup techniques you might discover!

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