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Sustainability & Bee Pampered

At Bee Pampered, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we do try to make the small day-to-day decisions that we know can make a slight difference. Here are some small changes that we do to help make a difference & help our planet! 

Wands for Wildlife

We have designed our mascara wands so the handles are made from sustainable wood. They can be separated from the applicator to be recycled. To offset our single-use applicators and mascara wands, we've partnered with Wands for Wildlife who re-purpose used wands for art or wildlife. We encourage our customers to donate their used mascara wands to them. 

Green Circle Salons

The beauty industry sends about 877 pounds of waste to landfill every minute. Let's help prevent that! Our location has partnered with Green Circle to offset our emissions and recover up to 95% of our beauty waste. 

Bee City

We donate to Bee City annually to help them in their quest to protect the pollinator and are officially one of their Bee partners. Around Earth Day, we donate a percentage of sales to Bee City Canada! 5% of sales over the course of the week in addition to our annual donation.

Our Franchise Model

We choose in-house brands that match our ethos! As we expand our market, expect to find sustainable & eco-friendly brands at all Bee Pampered studios near you.

Not only that, but our franchise system prioritizes eco-friendliness and sustainability because even small day-to-day decisions can have an impact! Our customers will get an exceptional experience while also taking part in a sustainable revolution that positively impacts the world around us. 


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