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What Is Over Processing & How To Avoid It

At Bee Pampered, we make brow lamination as easy as 1-2-3. Our tried and true process has been proven to provide optimal results for your business and your clients.

We’ve been in the game for a long time and know the in’s and out’s of the best practices, tips and tricks, know-how’s and what to avoid. One of them being – over processing while performing a brow lamination. This is more common than you think and there are simple ways of how to avoid it. Let’s discuss!

What is over processing?

Let’s start with what over processing is… Ultimately, overprocessing is leaving the processing lotion on your clients brow hair for too long. If your client’s hair is too frizzy or has fallen out, you have over processed them. This can also occur if your clients hairs are not strong enough to withhold the #1 lotion you have applied on them. 

Signs of an over processed hair:

  • Frizzy in appearance 

  • The actual hair is falling out

  • The brow hairs look brittle and kinked

  • The skin becomes red and sensitive 

But be careful, this doesn’t just apply to brow hairs! It’s for lash lift  treatments as well!

When performing a brow lamination we recommend that you leave Bee Pampered Lifting Lotion #1 on for no longer than 4 minutes – but remember to check the brow hairs after 2.5 min and assess how much longer you need to leave it on for.

What do you do?

Unfortunately, when overprocessing takes place, this can’t be undone. But don’t panic! There are some immediate next steps that should take place. First, apply a sufficient amount of Bee Pampered Nourishing Lotion #3 to rehydrate and nourish the hair to help build back the hair’s strength. Advise your client to avoid anything that is going to additionally dry out the hair, ie: any products with alcohol. The Bee Pampered Eyebrow Aftercare Conditioner Bar should be used 2x a day until the hair is repaired. If the over processing is extreme and unfortunately the brow hairs have broken or fallen off, encourage your clients to use Bee Pampered Lash + Brow Serum, and actively massage their brow area everyday to stimulate the blood cells aiding in new growth. With the stimulation and growth serum, before you know it, those brows will be back to full strength in no time!

How to avoid over processing?

Learn from your mistakes! Unfortunately these things can happen, and learning the in’s and out’s of brow lamination can take time, however with proper training and implementing the right habits you should be able to catch overprocessing before it happens! The best thing that you can do for future treatments on clients is to pay close attention to processing times. Know that these processing times vary depending on an individual.

Continuously check in on your clients brow hairs throughout the treatment. We recommend not processing the brow hairs for over 4-5 minutes, that being said, after 2 minutes – check to see how well the eyebrows are taking in the lifting treatment.

Your client doesn’t always know best

  • Brow lamination is not for everyone – it’s up to you to know when it is not recommend to perform a  brow lamination

  • Clients who should not have brow lamination:

    • Thin eyebrows – you can suggest using Bee Pampered Brow Balm to get the same laminated effect – and recommend Bee PamperedBrow + Lash Serum

    • Little to no eyebrow hair- talk to them about doing a Bee Pampered Henna Brow Tint to fill in their brows and recommend the Bee Pampered Brow + Lash Serum

    • Those with sensitive skin – you should perform a patch test beforehand if you are suspecting of irritation

  • Brow lamination services should NEVER be performed more than every 8 weeks – again, you know better than your client, they may come in and want it done sooner but it is up to you to educate them, and keep their hair healthy enough for the long term. If you perform brow laminations too often you can compromise the integrity of the brow hair.

Mistakes happen. But, remember, it’s all about getting the professional training and feeling confident in knowing what the worst case scenarios are before they happen so you can jump to the solution as soon as possible!

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