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30 Min Lash Lift and Tint Starter Kit

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Lash Lift and Tint Starter Kit

Introducing the 30 Min Lash Lift and Tint Starter Kit, the ultimate companion for achieving stunning lashes in just 30 minutes! Our kit includes everything you need to provide professional lash lift and tint services, saving you time and money. Elevate your clients' natural lashes to new heights with this all-in-one kit.

One of the standout features of this kit is the FREE Online Training and Certification. We believe that education is key to unlocking success, which is why we have included comprehensive online training to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to offer the best lash lift and tint services. Become a certified lash lift and tint technician from the comfort of your own home.

Kit Includes:

  • FREE Online Training + Certification - 
  • Lifting Lotion #1 - 10ml -  This specially formulated lotion is designed to lift and curl the natural lashes, providing a beautifully enhanced look.
  • Setting Lotion #2 - 10 ml -  The setting lotion helps to lock in the lifted shape, ensuring long-lasting results.
  • Nourishing Lotion #3 - 10ml -  After the lift, it is important to hydrate and nourish the lashes. The nourishing lotion contains essential nutrients to promote healthy lash growth.
  • Lash Lifting Glue - 10ml -  This high-quality adhesive is essential for securing the silicone shields to the eyelids, creating the perfect lift.
  • PPD-free black Eyelash Tint -10ml -  Add definition and depth to the lashes with our PPD-free black eyelash tint. Achieve intense and long-lasting color without compromising on safety.
  • Lash Tape -  Use the lash tape to cover the lower lashes during the lift and tint process, ensuring no product comes into contact with the surrounding skin.
  • 5 Silicone Shields - 5 sizes -  Choose from various sizes to fit different eye shapes and lengths. These silicone shields are comfortable and easy to apply, providing optimum lift and curl.
  • Under-eye gel pads - 5 pairs -  Ensure your client's comfort and protect the delicate under-eye area with our gel pads. They are gentle on the skin and provide a barrier between the lower lashes and the lifting products.
  • Lash Lift tool -  These tools are essential for precise and controlled application. The lash lift tool is used to separate and lift the lashes onto the silicone shields, while the Y comb tool helps to distribute the lifting lotion evenly.
  • 5 Y comb tool
  • Silicone Applicator Brush -  This brush is perfect for applying the nourishing lotion and tint, ensuring even coverage and minimizing clumping.
  • Bee Pampered Foam Cleanser -  Keep your client's lashes clean and free from debris with our gentle foam cleanser. It is specifically designed to cleanse the lashes without causing irritation.
  • Training Manual -  This comprehensive manual will guide you through each step of the lash lift and tint process, providing detailed instructions and tips for achieving the best results.


Accelerated Lash Lift and Tint Starter Kit - Shop Bee Pampered