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Henna Bee Eyebrow Tint Color Chart

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The Bee Pampered Henna Bee eyebrow tint color chart shows the colors of each of our Henna Bee shades.

This will arrive on an 8” x 8” foam board.


The Henna Bee eyebrow tint color chart shows the colors of all six Henna Bee shades as they will appear on a client’s brows.

Remember, each Henna Bee tint can be mixed with other shades for the custom shades for any complexion.

  1. Light/Warm
    • Great for redheads, people with very fair complexions.
  2. Light/Cool
    • Our ultimate mixer shade. We recommend using #2 to lighten the other Henna Bee colors to create the perfect shade for any complexion. Don’t use on it’s own.
  3. Medium/Warm
    • Ideal for darker redheads.
  4. Medium/Cool
    • One of our most popular shades it’s perfect for brunettes with a lighter skin tone and blondes looking for a darker shade.
  5. Dark/Warm
    • Made for brunettes who want a warmer undertone.
  6. Dark/Cool
    • Perfect for people with black hair and a darker complexion.