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Lash Lift Balm 15g

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The Lash Lift Balm from Bee Pampered is specially formulated for our 30-minute Lifting System. Our balm has a unique formula that does not fully dry, allowing you to adjust the lashes during the service. The balm contains vitamins B5, E and Argon oil, so the lashes stay healthy and hydrated during and after your service.

We care about the planet! That's why we've packaged our Lash Balm tin to be fully recyclable - helping the beauty industry dispose of less waste! We recommend using our Bee Pampered Silicone Ribbons and Henna Angled Brush to apply the product to your lashes instead of using a single-use tools.

30 applications

Cosmetic Number: 3501882

Lash Lift Balm - Shop Bee Pampered
Lash Lift Balm 15g - Shop Bee Pampered