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Lash Glue vs. Lash Lift Balm

New Lash Lift Balm 

The new Bee Pampered Lash Lift Balm is finally here!  Lash Lift Balm is a new product in the beauty industry - it’s been on the market for several months however We’ve tested and formulated the perfect balm formula for your Bee Pampered Lash Lift services, with a stronger hold than most other lash balms on the market and we’re so excited for you try it! 
This is a great alternative or addition to your Lash Lift service, The Bee Pampered  Lash Lift Balm is easy to use. It has quick shield adhesion, but a slower drying time than the Bee Pampered Lash Glue. This means you can  separate and set your lashes into place - the exact way you want - without rushing and worrying about the balm drying.  

Lash Glue vs. Lash Lift Balm

The Bee Pampered  Lash Lift Balm contains vitamins and nourishing oils, like Vitamin E & Argan Oil, so that the lashes stay hydrated, during and after your service.The balm penetrates eyelash hair during your service - helping them stay healthy allowing the lashes to handle the chemical treatment.


We care about the planet! That’s why we’ve packaged our  Lash Lift Balm tin to be fully recyclable - helping the beauty industry dispose of less waste! you can also use our Bee Pampered Henna Angled Brush to apply the product to your lashes, instead of using a single-use plastic tool. Our Lash Balm also works with reusable silicone strips for your lashes - to replace the single-use disposable tape that currently exists on the market!

Faster Lash Lift Service

The Bee Pampered  Lash Lift Balm has been specially formulated to work with our 30-minute Lifting System. The Balm helps lashes stay on the rod with the aid of the silicone strip. This new unique formula does not fully dry, allowing you to adjust the lashes during the service.
This means you can complete a Bee Pampered Lash Lift in LESS TIME than when using lash glue. Try it today!
Visit our Youtube channel for a full video on tips & tricks for application! 

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