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What’s the difference between Lash Lift, Lash Tint or Lash Extensions?

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Who doesn’t love bold, big, and beautiful lashes? Women have been seeking beautiful lashes since the creation of mascara in 1872!  In fact, from 2021 to 2023 the global mascara market is projected to reach an estimated value of 10,306 million USD!!!

Over the past few years, people’s love of long, voluminous lashes have grown and women everywhere are seeking ways to get those big beautiful lashes even bigger and to find ways to ensure they last longer! As a result, professional beauty services have expanded to offer lash extensions, lash lifts and lash tints to their clients.

In this article, we’ll break down the differences between a lash lift (lash lamination or lash perm), a lash tint, and lash extensions to help you decide which service is best for you.


A lash lift also known as a lash lamination, or lash perm is a professional beauty service in which estheticians take a client’s natural eyelash and use perm-like solutions, specially formulated for use near the eye, to permanently curl lashes upwards.

Professionals will glue lashes onto a shield placing individual lashes into their desired shape. They will then apply the first lotion, a lifting lotion, which breaks down the proteins in the hair allowing the lash shape to be changed. The second lotion, the setting lotion, re-builds the proteins which sets the lashes into the desired shape.

With Bee Pampered's lash lift system we also have a third lotion as part of our system, the nourishing lotion, which helps keep lashes healthy and hydrated allowing for the lift to last longer.

Benefits of a lash lift: Clients do not have to curl their lashes daily, and when paired with a lash tint as lifts typically are, (see below) clients don’t even have to apply mascara! From first thing in the morning to the end of the day, even post-swim lashes maintain their soft natural upward curl with little to no work.

You can also apply mascara safely over a lash tint to add even more volume to the natural lash.

Cons to a lash lift: A lash lift enhances a client’s natural lash so if lashes are short the lift will not provide impactful results. If this is the case we recommend clients use a lash serum to strengthen and lengthen lashes to get them ready for a lift after just 2 months of use. You can shop online for the Bee Pampered lash & brow serum or our serum-infused mascara.

Lash lifts do have risks associated with the service. It is a chemical formula being applied near the eye so the service should only be performed by a trained professional! You can find a list of Bee Pampered certified artists online here! 

How long does a lash lift service take? 30 minutes! If the professional is using Bee Pampered products a lash lift and tint combined service should take no longer than 30 minutes!

How long does a lash lift last? 6-8 weeks but this does depend on where the clients are in their lash life-cycle. Lashes typically fall out every 6-8 weeks so the lift will only fade once lashes begin to drop. It is not recommended to get a lash lift more than every 8 weeks as too many lifts can potentially cause damage to lashes.

Where can I get a lash lift service done? See the Bee Pampered certified artist finder for a beauty professional near you that has taken and passed the Bee Pampered certification exam.


A lash tint is usually done at the same time as a lash lift service. Where the lash lift sets lashes into a curled up position, the lash tint colours the lash hair (usually black) to give the lashes a bolder colour, as if mascara is always applied.


With Bee Pampered’s innovative system, beauty professionals can complete a lash lift and tint together in just 30 minutes. Simply add our PPD-Free lash tint to our #2 setting lotion, apply to the lashes at the same time and in turn, they complete the lift and tint in one simple step!


Benefit of a lash tint: Clients don’t need to apply mascara daily! Their natural lashes will be tinted black giving the appearance that mascara is always on! Plus, with lash tints (and lifts) you can safely apply mascara over the lashes to add even more volume if needed.


Cons to a lash tint: The major limitation with a lash tint is that it uses a client’s natural lashes so if lashes are short, or already black you may not see as big of an impact as you would with lash extensions or mascara.


How long does a lash tint service take? 30 minutes! If the beauty professional is using the Bee Pampered system the lift and tint will be completed simultaneously in 30 minutes!

How long does a lash tint last? 6-8 weeks or until the lashes fall out.

Where can I get a lash lift service done? See our online certified artist finder for a qualified Bee Pampered artist near you!


Lash extensions provide a voluminous boost to the lashes as they build on natural lashes by adding mink, or synthetic mink hairs to every lash. Clients have the choice of getting classic lashes (one lash) or volume lashes (fanned lashes) applied depending on the lash effect they want. Classic will be a more subdued look whereas volume will be much more dramatic and impactful.


Benefits of lash extensions:  Lash extensions are a great way to add volume and length in a more impactful way as they do add more lashes to a client’s natural lashes. They are ideal for people with short lashes where a lash lift/tint simply wouldn’t provide results.


Cons of lash extensions: Lash extensions tend to be much more high maintenance and require regular fills to ensure lashes don’t have gaps. The first appointment for the application takes at least 2 hours, and fills are required approximately every 2-3 weeks!

How long does a service take? 2-3 hours for the first service, and 1-2 hours for subsequent fills.

How long does it last? Lashes will need to be filled every 2-3 weeks as individual lashes will begin to fall out.

Where can I get the service done: Look for a reputable lash extension artist in your area.



Deciding which lash service is best for you really comes down to personal preference! A lash extension will provide a more impactful lash appearance by adding more lashes, especially for people with short lashes, but it takes a commitment of time with the initial service taking up to 2 hours and fills required every 2-3 weeks.

Lash lifts and tints require less maintenance and the service to get them completed is much faster but if your natural lashes are not long the impact may be less.

With each of the services it is important to note that if you have short, unhealthy lashes you do risk losing your lashes for a period of time or causing damage as each service does require healthy lashes.

If you need to strengthen or lengthen your natural lashes we suggest picking up the Bee Pampered lash & brow serum or our serum-infused mascara which can both be used every day to give your natural lashes a boost and to get you ready for any of the lash services!

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Eve Mitchell
Eve Mitchell

It’s good to know that a lash tint will last 6-8 weeks. I have been thinking about getting my eyelashes tinted because my wedding is in one month. I think that this would really help my eyes stand out in the photos. https://www.honevees.com/facials.html

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