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How to Give Clients the Ultimate Lash + Brow Makeover in 60 minutes

Did you know with Bee Pampered professional lash & brow beauty supplies you can complete a lash lift, lash tint, brow lamination AND henna eyebrow tint in one service that takes less than 1 hour?! This means in one 60 minute service you could earn over $175!

Our innovative professional lash & brow system is designed to help estheticians and beauty professionals optimize service time, earn more money, and grow their beauty businesses.

Founded by Adelle Young, a working esthetician, and spa owner, Bee Pampered is dedicated to creating products that are safe, easy to use, and provide lasting results for clients to keep them coming back time and time again!

In this article, you will learn how to complete four different lash & brow services – a lash lift, lash tint, brow lamination, and henna eyebrow tint in less than 1 hour, and how you can earn $175/hour!

Bee Pampered is a female-owned, Canadian company committed to high-quality lash & brow beauty supplies.

Our founder, Adelle Young, started Bee Pampered as she was looking for a henna eyebrow tint sourced from a Canadian or American company. This was important to her because Canadian labeling laws are very stringent and she wanted to know exactly what ingredients were in the product to know they were safe for her to use and apply to her clients.

When she was unable to find a product based in Canada (or even North America), she decided to create her own. She began working with a supplier in India sourcing high-quality henna eyebrow tint that was as natural as possible, processed quickly, and actually worked! After rigorous product testing, she launched Henna Bee eyebrow tint our first product!

We have since expanded to offer products for lash lifts, lash tints, brow lamination, and a selection of high-quality lash and brow retail products.

Through sourcing our entire product line up we are always committed to creating products that meet our core criteria:

–        Easy for trained professionals to use

–        Safe for clients and estheticians

–        Fast processing time to optimize service time

–        Provide lasting results to ensure clients are happy and keep coming back!

With the Bee Pampered Ultimate Starter Kit you can provide clients with the Ultimate Lash & Brow makeover by offering four incredible lash and brow services in less than 60 minutes with each service lasting 6-8 weeks!

Step 1: Lash Lift & Tint

The first part of the service is the lash lift and tint which should take less than 30 minutes to complete!

Using the Bee Pampered lifting lotions follow the steps outlined in our detailed manual or follow along with our detailed training video below.

You can also access our free training online here:


Step 2: Brow Lamination

The next step is the brow lamination service. A unique feature of the Bee Pampered system is the same lotions are used for both brow lamination and lash lift! The major difference is the processing time which for brows is much shorter than for lashes so be cautious not to leave the lotions on the brows for too long.

Please note, if you have a client with weak fragile eyebrows then we do not recommend performing a brow lamination service on them!

Watch our brow lamination and henna brow eyebrow tint how-to training video below! You can also access our online brow lamination training hub here. 

 Step 3: Henna Bee Eyebrow Tint

Unlike other henna brow tints available with Bee Pampered, you can complete BOTH a brow lamination AND a henna brow tint during the same service. Our products have been specially formulated to work together to give clients total eyebrow transformations.

When doing both services together be mindful the processing time for the henna has sped up, and the henna will only take 5 minutes to tint the brows! This faster processing time combined with the residue of the lamination lotions on the skin means the henna will not stain the skin when combining both services. If your clients would like their skin stained they will have to book the lamination and henna brow tint separately.

In this video we break down the steps required for completing BOTH a brow lamination and Henna Bee eyebrow tint in the same service: 



Your local market will determine how much to charge for each of the services. Some areas are able to charge significantly more for each service than others so take a look at other beauty businesses in your local area to get a feel for what they charge.

However, as a general guide on how much to charge these are the Bee Pampered recommendations for the minimum charge for each service!

  • Lash Lift & Tint – $85

  • Brow Lamination – $55

  • Henna Bee Eyebrow tint – $35

By combining all of the services above into one appointment you should be able to charge $175 for the full service which should take less than 60 minutes to complete!

In addition, you can include a hair removal service (wax or threading) following the henna eyebrow tint to add additional revenue to the service!


Our Ultimate Starter Kit  provides you with ALL of the tools, training, AND certification for each of the services including:

  • Lash Lift

  • Lash Tint

  • Brow Lamination

  • Henna Bee Eyebrow Tint

In addition, our Ultimate starter kit includes our brow styling soap, brow highlighter, ring light, and silicone cleanser brush.

With this kit, you will have enough product to provide 12 - 15 ultimate lash and brow makeover services which at a minimum charge of $175 per service you would earn $2,100 in revenue!

Plus, you will have plenty of henna remaining for additional services AND you can purchase our lifting system refills lotions at a great price.


As part of our commitment to helping grow YOUR beauty business we also provide free online training and certification! You can access our training videos, FAQs and find troubleshooting tips online in our Bee Hive.

Once you receive your starter kit you will receive an access code that you can use to take your online certification exam. Once you pass your exam you will receive a certificate as well you will be added to our online certified artist finder database where people can find a certified artist in their local community!

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