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What Is Brow Lamination? The Complete Guide

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a keratin treatment that turns messy, unruly brows into a perfectly shaped, natural brow appearance for up to two months.

When the service is complimented with an eyebrow tint and hair removal service, clients get the ultimate eyebrow makeover with a microblading look without committing to the microblading procedure.

How Brow Lamination Works?

Brow lamination is a quick, painless service that can be completed by a trained spa professional in less than 15 minutes.

The treatment is a two-step chemical process. The first chemical solution breaks down proteins and changes the structure and texture of your eyebrow hair. The second is a keratin treatment which builds the proteins back up and sets the brows into the desired shape for up to two months.

Who Should Get Brow Lamination Done?

If you have full, thick eyebrows that have a life of their own then brow lamination is for you. Brow lamination tames your brow hairs preventing them from going in different directions allowing you to comb your brows into a uniform shape, applying a small amount of brow soap or brow gel and setting them in the desired position for the day.  

Brow lamination is a non-invasive, semi-permanent brow treatment service that can be applied to almost anyone whose brows need a bit more control. 

Who Should NOT Get a Brow Lamination Service?

If you have little to no eyebrow hair or weak and fragile brow hairs then brow lamination is not for you.

If you're looking to achieve fuller-looking brows then we recommend taking steps to create healthier, stronger brows by following a daily brow routine including a serum applicationdaily exfoliation and applying a brow conditioner. You may also want to consider a brow henna service which tints your brow hairs and can stain the skin beneath the brows for a fuller appearance.

What Are The Risks With Brow Lamination process?

As with any procedure on the face that involves chemicals, there can be some risks. We recommend working with a trained beauty industry spa professional who has a clean working environment, and a good reputation with your local health authority.

With our brow lamination kit, we include a manual that clearly outlines all instructions for applying the service. You can also watch all of our brow lamination training videos to see the correct way to apply safely to your clients to achieve that new shape.

If you have any concerns with the treatment ask your spa professional ahead of your appointment

Can Brow Lamination Be Completed With Other Brow Services?

Yes! To maximize time and increase service revenues we highly recommend offering the brow lamination service along with henna brow tinting and hair removal. This provides clients with the ultimate eyebrow transformation AND increases your revenue potential for the service.

For the brow tint, we highly recommend using our Henna Bee eyebrow tint which is a natural alternative to traditional tints. Made with 75% plant-based ingredients Henna Bee not only tints the hair for 6-8 weeks but also stains the skin beneath filling in sparse brows for up to a week.

Where Do I Buy a Brow Lamination Kit?

The Bee Pampered Brow Lamination kit includes enough product to complete 12-15 services. Each of our 3 lotions are in airtight pumps which reduce product waste, and each bottle lasts for up to 18 months.

Included in our kit is everything you need to start offering this service as a brow artist to your clients including all product, tools even free training and certification.

All of the ingredients in our brow lamination products are great for sensitive skin and approved under Health Canada’s stringent product guidelines.

View our Eyebrow Lamination product page to watch a full Eyebrow Lamination tutorial and to purchase your kit today! 

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